Crystal Grid Frequency Art Cards

Shifting Your Heart Frequency Card

Shifting Your Heart Frequency Card

Crystals are beautiful, multi functional, frequency holders, one of the many keepers of keys and codes here on the Earth Plane, able to hold both information and light.  These amazing beings from the mineral kingdom can help us embrace our developing crystalline light bodies and support us while we shifting into the golden, light filled frequencies of the New 5D Earth.  We do not necessarily need to have a crystal in 3D or the physical realm to be able to experience the benefits, as crystals can be installed etherically, we can activate to a crystal and we can also simply just look at a photo of a crystal to get benefits!! 

Frequency Art Cards are intuitively created, utilizing crystals, shapes, and colors for various intentions and are infused with a rainbow of light filled energy blessings, include Reiki, Love, Angelic and Light Language Blessings.  Each card comes with 3-5 affirmations that are printed in the back, that you can say while working with the image and or meditating.  Simply by gazing at the picture, our frequency can adjust and expand.  There are different cards for different purposes and currently, I only have 3 available at the moment, Shifting Your Heart Frequency, Shifting Your Money Frequency and The Light Code Activator Grid.  A Portion of the Heart Frequency Grid is seen above.  I will have photos up soon.  You can order a card by sending in the form below or calling me at 928-225-6026.  Available at my office and by mail.  There is a .50 shipping charge for mail ( I can send 5 cards or 3 laminated) and tax of 9.35% on all orders.

Frequency Art Cards: $3 for each 4by6 card or $6 for 4by6 laminated Cards

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