Custom Frequency Activators

Custom Light Code Activator  © A Celestial Solution

Custom Light Code Activator  © A Celestial Solution

EVERYTHING IN LIFE IS CONSCIOUSNESS, ( 1st Hermetic Principal) as it's all information of some kind and has its own "CODE."  We are made up of light, sound and sacred geometry symbols, which is one reason why so many people can assist their healing by listening to music or specific tonal frequencies and or spending time in nature!  Nature and WE are literally one in the same, as we form a symbiotic partnership with our world, so it's easy to understand how we can benefit by being in and interacting with Nature and her bounty of trees, flowers, rocks, stones and crystals!  As I say, Nature and her friends, are powerful medicine for us on so many levels, not just the physical! 

These Nature Frequency Activators, utilize the frequencies of Nature, Crystals, Sacred Geometry symbols and energy infusions, to help assist with shifting and upgrading our signature frequency and connecting us with different types of frequencies/energies, such as Master Merlin, Buddha, Kwan Yin, Angelic, or Light Codes. They work subtly and meet you at your level of spiritual growth and light quotient!  These activators can be used as a grid, a meditation tool or even as a charging plate.  Sitting and gazing at the images, drinking in the richness of the ART is the easiest way to use them!  Trust your own intuition on how to use them!  

At present, I am offering both a Generic and a Custom Light Code Activator.   The "generic" type of activator can work with anyone and has a Buddha or Kwan Yin in the middle to represent the person body.  I have a specific set of crystals that I use for the chakras.  The custom activator is created specifically for your energy body, using a picture of you and specific crystals for the chakras.  ( See above)  I do ask for specific goals you might have and then use my intuition as to what will work the best, unless you have a preference!  All activators have energy infusions of Reiki, Light Language and Angel blessings.   Please send in the form below if you are interested in ordering a activator!  I send them via email and they come as a digital image that you can use to print out to any size, including 8by10.  I have had several of my activators made into photos, as they do come as JPEGS.


                                     *Generic Light Code Activator sent via email - $15      

                                     *Custom Light Code Activator sent via email - $60 


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Disclaimer: Nature Frequency Activators are not intended to be used for diagnose, for health issues or in replacement of proper medical treatment.  Nor do they guarantee any kind of outcome, frequency shift or activation.