Intuitive Custom Crystal Grid

Clearing Grid created by Heyde Class © A Celestial Solution

Clearing Grid created by Heyde Class © A Celestial Solution

Crystals come in all different shapes, sizes, colors and variations, however, all have an energetic ( atomic) arrangement, specific to them.  They have been used for thousands of years for both medicinal and holistic purposes.  It's generally agreed upon that they possess healing powers, with each crystal having its only special, specific energy.  They are found growing all over our Mother Earth.  I see them like my best friends and love to ask them for help! :)  

Crystals are beautiful, multi functional, frequency holders, able to receive and retain information and light.  They can help support us as we shift into the golden, light filled frequencies of the New 5D Earth.  Crystals are the also base of the Crystal grid, which is a fun and highly visual way to help give focus to and support your desired intentions.  Crystals are laid out in a specific pattern or sacred shape, utilizing certain stones to help achieve your desired purposes.  They are like a form of "energy art work" or frequency art as I like to call them, that can be created either in 3D form or photo form, both of which can be powerful focusing tools!  There is no limit when it comes to creating a crystal grid.  We can create grids for our weight loss intentions, prosperity, goal setting, motivation, a new career, new moon intentions etc.  

The Custom Crystal Grids Process

Custom crystal grids are created specifically for you and your intentions.  I can do the Grid consultations ( 15-20 minutes max) either on phone, Skype or email and they can be done either before or after the Grid is made.  I like to have your birth date, time and place, as this gives me, another tool to help create your grid. ( Although this is not necessary, just helpful)  I then intuitively choose certain crystals, placing them in specific patterns or shapes, to help support your intentions.  For additional support, I may also use certain colors, pictures or even words to create the grid.  The grid is then infused energetically, with your specific intentions, angelic blessings, light language and Reiki energy to help support the intentions.  I than take a picture of the grid for you to keep and meditate with.  I will often leave the grid intact for a few days after the fact, to help as well. 

I also create a set of specific affirmations to go along with your grid. ( 6-10)  Affirmations are positive statements that help you achieve your desired goals or intentions such as " I am entirely open to all the abundance and prosperity of the universe."  or " Everyday in every way, my heart is healing!"  "I intend to be successful in my career."  And while there is not every any guarantee that saying an affirmation or intention will bring it about the desired result, it does help you get clear and tell the universe what you really desire!  What you believe is what you create!!

Custom Crystal Grids come in three different sizes and prices.  You can choose from a Small (5-7 inch) size, Medium (8-10 inch) size or a Large (11 -13) inch size, which are priced accordingly.  The cost is representative of the time it takes for me to create the grid itself, energetically infusion the grid, photograph it, create and write up the affirmations, write up the email with crystals and their qualities and the consultation itself.  The smaller grids take much less time to create, then the larger grids, (which do require more crystals) thus the difference in price.  I explain this, only to help people understand how much work goes into creating a Custom Crystal Grid for someone.  Sometimes the process can be 1-2 hours, others times, I have spent up to 4 hours before, so I just charge a flat fee.  Your Crystal Grid is like a piece of energetic frequency art and is good indefinitely, unless you decided you no longer want it and the photo and or copies that you make of the photo can then be deleted.  Pictured below are some examples of some of the Grids I have created, the last three can be purchased, check out under the Frequency Art Tab.

Special Note: You can add a Custom Crystal Grid onto any paid Intuitive Metaphysical Consultation or Multi Dimensional Healing Consult for $30, $45 0r $60, depending on the size. There is no additional consult in this case, and I create the Grid from the information provided in the Session. It will be created to help support your progress after the session and comes with a digital photo and short explanation of the crystals used via email.

 How do I receive my grid?

A digital photo of your grid is sent to your email, along with an additional email that will list the crystals I used, a brief explanation of the qualities of crystals I used in your grid and your custom affirmations.  Crystals are powerful beings and you can receive benefit, just by looking at the photo.   Grid photos are also a super and easy way to have grids around the house, especially if you have small human or fur children.  

How to Use your Custom Crystal Grid

The easiest way to use a grid photo, is to print off and hold it in your hands and meditate on the image for 10- 30 minutes, daily.  Any impressions you get, you can write down when you are done meditating.  You can also say your affirmations while looking at the picture.  Having it out, like posted on a refrigerator or some where you can see it daily is ideal.  Your Grid is like your intention in a solid 3D form, although in this case, it happens to be a picture!  It's important to trust your intuition on how to use your Grid!   You can send the form below to request a session for a Custom Crystal Grid with Affirmations.

What you get with a Custom Crystal Grid Sessions:

A short phone or email consultation, a digital photo of your custom crystal grid, which is infused energetically with your intentions, a set of custom affirmations/intentions, along with a brief explanation of the crystals qualities used.  There are no refunds issues on Custom Made Products.

Custom Crystal Grid Consult, Photo & Affirmations

Small Size Grid: $60   Medium Size Grid: $90 Large Size Grid: $120

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Disclaimer: Crystal Grids and Affirmations are meant to be used for holistic, supportive purposes only .  They are not to be used in replace of proper medical treatment, nor do they diagnose any kind of physical conditions.  Custom crystal grid and affirmations do not guarantee any kind of specific outcome, frequency shift or activation.