ASTROLOGY SERVICES - I offer three different types of Astrological Sessions

The Divine Blueprint Session

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The Natal Birth chart is a valuable and important tool in our life and is based on our date, time and place of birth.  It serves as the template for our divine blueprint and helps us see what we have chosen to focus on in this life and how we MAY go about doing just that.  The chart is the exact point in time that you choose to come into the World, thus it serves as our life blueprint, although, interestingly enough, our blueprint is written in CODE! (meaning it is in symbols and signs)  And if you do not speak or understand that code, then you need someone who does, hence the need for an Astrologer!  The Divine Blueprint session reviews your natal birth chart and helps you get a much better understanding of you, and why you are the way you are!  It also reviews your chosen life path objectives.  These sessions are based on both your natal chart and the intuitive insights that will come through, while I review the chart and do the session.  You can also add in a transit reading with this session to see how the current planets are interacting with your birth chart at the moment. ( see below) These readings are done over the phone or video conferencing only.  You can send in the form below to make an appointment or text or call me.   Accurate Birth Data is required for this reading.

Divine Blue Print Session: 45 Minutes - $120 • 60 Minutes - $150

Divine Blue Print with Transits Session: 75 minutes - $180


Intuitive Astro-Tarot Session

Transit Reading for a Client © A Celestial Solution

Transit Reading for a Client © A Celestial Solution

Utilizing astrology, tarot and intuitive metaphysical consulting this session helps to chart a course for your most authentic path and life.  By looking at the astrological transits of the outer planets, of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto and where they are transiting in your natal chart over the next 6-12 months, we can easily see where potential opportunities will arise.  We then talk about how to best utilize your current transits.  We then do a tarot reading in the astrological house spread to further our exploration!

Transits are the current placement of the planets and their interaction with the natal birth chart.  The outer planet transits can take years to complete!  In some cases, such as Neptune and Pluto, we are looking at an average of 12 - 18 years to complete, so it's worthwhile to check out what these planets are up to.  You can read more details under the Astrological Transits reading.  After we explore the transits and the aspects their are making, we do a tarot reading to complete the picture.  Every Astro-Tarot session I have every done, and I have done these types of sessions since 1995 is unique and different, with the exception that the tarot reading seems to always mirror what we just finished talking about.  These readings are done over the phone or video conferencing only.  You can send in the form below to make an appointment or text or call me.   Accurate Birth Data is required for this reading.

Astro-Tarot Reading 45 minutes - $120 • 60 minutes - $150

Astrological Transit Session

This is the same reading as above, but without the tarot reading.  It is more much in-depth, focusing on the outer planet transits and what aspects they are creating with your natal planets, providing a great planetary picture of the current year.  The inner planets of the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury and Venus move very quickly and have more potential or possible short term effects.  The Outer planet transits of Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto can last anywhere from from a year to 15-18 years depending on the planet.  It's worthwhile to check out whats happening with them!  So we look at where these planets are located in your birth chart, how long they will be hanging out in that location, what aspects there are making to your natal planets and what that all potentially means for you!  I am a firm believer that transits do not happen to us, rather we happen to them, meaning we are the creator of our own destiny.  Life happens for us, not to us! However, it's always in our best interest to check the road map before going on a journey!  These sessions can be done on the phone or via video conferencing only.  You can send the form in below, call or text me to make an appointment.  Accurate birth data is required for this reading.

Astrological Transit Reading: 45 Minutes $105 • 60 minutes $120


Heyde is a wonderful astrologer. She is very articulate and sharp. I believe that she has a gift and is one of the best in her field. Her intuitive abilities concerning astrology are dead on the money.
— Rose H. - Enid, OK.
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