Multi Dimensional Energy Healing Consultations

Healing is a layer by layer experience.  © A Celestial Solution/Heyde Class

Healing is a layer by layer experience.  © A Celestial Solution/Heyde Class

MDEH Consultations are for clients, seasoned or professional healers who need some assistance in clearing or resolving an energetic issue.  Most Professional Healers can do much of their clearing work on their own, but occasionally we need a helping hand. I have found in the last few years, that I often end up helping people in this regard, by sharing with them what I am intuitively seeing on a energtic level, and then they can clear and resolve it, using their own techniques. Energy can morph into some pretty wild looking stuff and clearing, shifting and transforming it can be a tricky business, especially if entities are involved.

I have spent the last 7 plus years developing a Shamanic based, multi dimensional, energy clearing system that is VERY EFFECTIVE.  The last 16 months has been spent exclusively working on multi-dimensional clearing.  I can identify over 100 different types of energy distortions that can reside in the various auric fields and have created simple and effective ways to help resolve, clear, shift and transform those energetic issues.  I also can identify 5o plus different types of Entities, that can reside in or around the auric field.  Entities are simply consciousness with no DNA skin suits and are essential to clear from our auric fields!  Some will be corded into the fields or chakras, others are just hanging around the auric field, while others can be interfering with and influencing our lives in some ways.  Better to identify and release them, then allow them to muck about in our life!

To have a complete healing, we need to attend to all levels of our being, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Many of our healing systems (both Conventional and Holistic) work with the physical layer, thus, they are a one dimensional healing system.  (Ex. going to the Doctor or Holistic practitioners, taking herbs and medicines etc..)  While it is VERY important to attend to our physical body health and wellness, it's equally important to attend to the other energy bodies as well.  This work assists the other six layers of the energy body, thus helping clear out the energetic debris and toxic issues that may have collected up and or are residing in the outer auric fields.  After so doing, it helps the physical body as well, by lessening the energetic debris load!  This energetic debris may have been left unresolved for multiply life times and can include old vows, soul contracts and repetitive patterns that need to be cleared and released.  Healing is truly "a layered experience" and sometimes, we may go back and revisit an issue we thought was cleared up.   This work is a layer by layer, energy clearing, shifting and transforming experience.

I have several ways Ascension Consultations sessions can be done which I list below:  If you simply have questions about Ascension, please check under the phone classes tab, as I teach a Introduction to Ascension, one on one phone class, a 101 guide on all things you might want to know about Ascension and then some!

* Consult Only: I assist in this session by sharing the information that I am picking up intuitively with the client about what is up for clearing for them and then they do the clearing/energy work themselves. 

*Consult and Energy Work: I can assist the client by doing the energy work for and/or with them. If I do the clearing work for the client, I do a 30 minute phone consultation ( which can be divided up as 15 mins. before and energy work if preferred) and then the client can rest and meditate in their own space, while I do 30 minutes of energy work, ( long distance) which consists of clearing energy work coupled with auric field and chakra realignment and balancing.  Some sessions however, I will need to work directly with the client the entire time, so we will remain on the phone.  These sessions include releasing an EBS ( Earth Bound Spirit) re framing and clearing a MCB ( Mass consciousness belief) and/ or releasing a layer of the Heart Wall.

*For established clients only: I can do just a 30 minute clearing with no phone consultation for MDEH only. 

Multi-dimensional clearing work needs to be done in very short increments to avoid healing responses.  Phone sessions only.  You can send in the form below or call me at 928-225-6026 to schedule a session.

Multi Dimensional Energy Healing CONSULTATIONS


Energy Clearing Only: $90 ( Established Clients only)

Consultation AND ENERGY Work: 60 MINUTES: $150

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Disclaimer: MD Energy Healing Consultations are for information purposes and holistic assistance.  They DO NOT diagnose any physical or mental conditions, preform any type of medical treatments or interfere with the treatment of a Licensed medical profession.   If you have any medical conditions, ailments, or psychological issues, please see your Primary Licensed Medical Health Care Practitioner.  There is no guaranteed results or outcomes of any kind with this sessions.