Private Yoga Instruction

Yoga is an ancient Indian Practice that's main goal is to help us achieve a state of Oneness with ourselves and Prime Creation.  Whether the deity is called Buddha, Jesus or God, it matters not, as the objective is to experience this state of complete and total oneness or unification with something greater than ourselves.  The Yoga frequency is a multidimensional, holistic, healing art form with unlimited expressions and infinite possibilities.  Its main focus is on utilizing the tripod of asana, breath and meditation to achieve the goal of the union and balance of the body, mind and spirit.  There is no right, wrong, good or bad way to experience Yoga, just the different Yogic avenues/branches and resulting experiences.  However, due to the physical nature of Yoga, our safety is always of paramount importance and something to keep in mind, whilst we are engaging in a Yoga practice!  We are all multidimensional, divine, spiritual beings, here on this planet having a series of experiences.  I feel that Yoga is a very personal experience, one that has limitless applications and unlimited expressions.  For each person, the Yoga experience will be different and will vary according to the objectives set forth for their specific life time.

Yoga Asanas or postures are like works of art and have their own state of consciousness.  The body becomes the canvas, with the body parts such as the arms, legs, hands and head as the tools used to paint with.  The position we choose to place them in is the paint and the pose is the “finished” masterpiece.  Just as a painter uses their color palette to create art, so does the Yogi use modifications to adjust, alter and vary their art work/pose!  Each modification can give the pose a different flavor or outcome, objective or even health benefit!  Each pose, whether held for 2 seconds or 5 minutes, gives us some type of information, some bit of valuable data to utilize and integrate.  We also receive numerous benefits, which will vary depending on what posture is being created.

Our breath is the key to our life, and without it, our DNA skin suits would cease to function and our spirit would cross over into the never ending void of infinite possibilities!  We need our breath to help us stay connected to our suits, so we can explore and experience life in 3rd dimension.  Through our breath, we draw in prana, pure, life force, crackling with loads of various frequencies, vibrations and plenty of energy to set our hearts and souls on proverbial fire.  However, many of us have no clue on how to breath properly, thus we rarely get our lungs full of prana, let alone, enough to run our DNA skin suits!  No wonder so many of us experience compromised health, we are not getting enough energy to even run all functions of the body!  So the second leg of the Yoga tripod steps in to fill the void and teaches us how to really BREATH and take in and embrace our LIFE FORCE!

The third leg of the Yoga tripod is Meditation.  To say that Meditation is a state of consciousness would be an understatement!  It’s a valuable practice to help us learn how to turn off the mind chatter, get our ducks in a row and experience a peaceful, calm and relaxed state of mind!  Meditation is to health, like a boat is to water, if you want the boat to float, you ideally need the water!  Power is optional in this case, as the boat will float, as long as there are no leaks!  Our mind and thoughts are at the root of all dis-ease, and proper maintenance of the mind is necessary to achieve vibrant health and well being! 

When we choose to combine all three legs of the Yoga tripod, posture, breath and meditation, we are creating a win win circumstance and experience for ourselves and others.  We are choosing to step into our natural self-empowerment and sovereign state, our true mastery and allowing ourselves to experience life on our own terms and embracing our multidimensional selves.  Yoga is one of the few practices that focuses on the maintenance, balance and relaxation of the body, mind and spirit, through various applications, which include purification methods, diet, mantras and spiritual philosophies such as Karma and Oneness.

If you feel that Yoga is something you want to learn, I am now offering Private Yoga Instruction.  If you live in Sedona, you can choose from either a 30 minute or a 60 minute session.  Each session will include Hatha Yoga asana instruction, some breath work and a short guided Meditation of some kind.   I like to have FUN when I practice Yoga, so all sequences are geared towards what you ENJOY and your current skill level!  I will create a specific sequence for you, so you can practice on your own as well.  Weekly sessions are ideal, however, you may just want to do a few sessions to get started or take Yoga for a test drive.  Hard work does not exist in my Yoga practice, rather fun and safety are my Yoga goals!  My Yoga experience includes a 26 year Yoga home practice and I am a Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor. ( 240 Hours)   Call me at 928-225-6026 to set up your Private Yoga Instruction session today!

                             Private Yoga Instruction: 30 minutes - $50   60 minutes - $95