Energy Drains and Other Musings

Feeling drained, (from an energetic perspective only) is when our auric field, and physical body are rapidly draining life force energy! This can be due to many reasons,such as: energetic distortions, cords, siphoning devices, blown out chakras, siphoning entities, rips, holes and tears etc. in the auric fields.

When we look at our body, mind and spirit as combo of electric, light consciousness, instead of just a flesh suit, it's very easy to understand! Our heart serves as our "electric battery," pushing the blood and of course the energy, all over the body! Our mind and body serves as the chariot for our Soul (spirit) to experience! We are ALL consciousness!

The first Hermetic principle states that everything is mental and or consciousness. (I add in with some form of consciousness.) So it's all one big consciousness! Everything......all of it...universes, galaxies, planets, atoms, aliens, dark matter, black holes, stars, oceans, people, trees, dogs, cats, couches, ( yes objects as well, they can carry consciousness as well..haunted dolls are a great representation of that lol..) movies, books, IPads, computers, lamp posts, frying pans, food, entities, thoughts, disease etc....all consciousness with some form of consciousness! Lol

It's all consciousness in some way or another with "death" actually serving as the transformation stage from one form to another form. Science tells us that everything vibrates ( and this is the 3rd Hermetic principle, how convenient lol) and that energy can't be destroyed only changed or shifted to another form. Alrighty, apparently is recycled, electric,light conscious, although some forms of consciousness, carries WAY more light ( light equals information) then others.

While the physical body literally bits the dust at some point, the Soul does not. Our Soul is immortal, forever, indefinite. Everything starts in the dark and grows by the power of the light and then basically, eventually dies and or perhaps burns out and is recycled into another form..thus the birth, life, death cycle. In the case of our Soul, it just keeps transforming itself with each experience. The body however, returns to dust - Consciousness housed in a physical form does that, it decays and decomposes into dust eventually. The Soul is eternal energy, electric, light consciousness, evolving, and recycling itself into various forms of energy consciousness along the way....ongoing...

The physical body is a MIRROR for the energy bodies/ auric fields.( 2nd Hermetic principle: as above so below, and or everything is a mirror) So what is happening in the outer fields of the auric is going to and or is manifesting in the physical body. Energy cords, are like etheric hoses, that attach us to anything and everything and are often the culprit for energy drains! Cords are how we CONNECT, to others, although, in some cases, the cords stay attached instead of falling away and dissolving. Cords can be attached to any part of the body, from a chakra point, to an internal organ, to our eyes!

Cord dissolving and transforming can work wonders to help with drains! Cutting cords is ineffective in my experience, especially if the cords carry roots or loops. If you cut down the top of a weed, the seed and stalk remains! Although, rooted energy cords are usually with our loved ones, while the others cords we may connect into and or create are often what I call surface cords. They are just on the surface of the body and or energy field and have not rooted in yet. Cords need to be released from both sides as well, from us and what they are attached to. This is the beauty of cord, root and loop, dissolving and transforming, it helps to dissolve the entire lot, lock, stock and barrel, not just releasing us from the cord itself. Cords have two sides and the other side of that cord can be still hanging/attached on to the person, place, animal or object, its connected to. If the cord happened to root in, then it would still be there as well, if it was just simply cut. Loops, are like energetic circles, that cause the cord to reconnect itself! :( And the connection will remain on some level, unless the ENTIRE cord (along with roots and loops) is dissolved, hence why dissolving is really the way to go! I just state my intention for the entire lot to dissolve, regardless of what type of cord it is.

I can go on and on point of my long winded post is if you feel drained, check for energy cords, roots and loops! Then dissolve and replace them with light and love and ask for the dust to be transformed into love and light as well. If you dissolve cords without replacing with light, we get a big hole in our auric field for more energy consciousness to flow in or out, often out. Our auric field serves as our energetic "armor," so big gaping holes, leave us, well, with "holey armor"and very vulnerable to energy drains! Nope, we do not want that! You can use your imagination to see the cords, ( roots and loops) in your minds eye and watch them dissolve fully into dust. Then you can add in some light to the hole and close it up! Ideally this is done on all 7 layers of the auric field for a complete release. If you are not sure how to release cords, I would imagine you can Goggle "cord cutting" LOL and find a tutorial on how to....frankly dissolving cords is way better in my opinion.

Remember, we are ALL responsible for OURSELVES, our energy and energetic fields. Nothing drains us per say as we ALLOW that drain to occur, consciously aware or not. When we are aware and responsible for our energy, we are empowered! Other wise we can be draining and absorbing vessels of all manner of energy.

© A Celestial Solution/Heyde Class • Certified Psychic Intuitive and Energy Healer and a whole bunch of other stuff...LOL Totally haphazardly edited..