The Energetic Heart Wall

We all have a shell, some have more than one!  Our DNA skin suit provides the shell for our magnificent Soul to go exploring the Universe! Some of us have had our Hearts so bruised, so hurt, so broken, by some of our experiences, that we have chosen to hide, shut down, or block out that pain, by placing some kind of a "shell" of protection around our hearts. I call these shells of protection, Heart Walls and at their CORE are low vibrating energies such as fear, unworthiness, feelings of being unlovable, not good enough or even powerlessness. Building this Heart Wall, may have been the only way at that time, that we knew how to help ourselves and that is okay as life is about learning, growing, and evolving. Some of these walls may have come from other lifetimes as well and are often built when we are little! Although, even as adults we can build these walls!

These walls of energy, which become our blocks, disconnect us from our Core Heart Center and come with consequences, ( as all things we do, do) often unwanted and unpleasant. We learn what happens when we block out the love. There is a huge price to pay, when we shut down, block out or hide away from our pain. For one, the body can begin to deteriorate and break down! We may get sick or feel unwell. We can create addictions and destructive behaviors to dull and ran from that pain. We may/ will end up attracting more and more of the same or similar types of experiences because one or two or three or more of these painful experiences is left unresolved in our energy fields! We may suffer, often in silence, we may feel anger, unhappy, worthless and powerless all the time. We remain in a state of disempowerment, because we choose to build a wall to hide behind.

These walls can and will affect every area of our life, including our partnerships ( of any type) our work, financials,( because the walls obstructs our ability to give and receive) health, wealth and happiness! You name it, energetic Heart Walls can and do affect every experience we have for many reasons! A few reasons include our self worth and self esteem, our feelings of being good enough and lovable, our ability to both give and receive love, compassion, understanding, forgiveness and of course money.

How do we know if we have a Heart wall layer of some kind? Well most everyone has one layer, ( unless they consciously have resolved and removed it in some way) as any kind of trauma can create these walls. The wall of energy is a result of our responses to our experiences ( at the time) and are stored in the cell memory. Which is why, we can have more than one, and over time, they continue to come forward for us to bring into resolution. Health and money issues are a potential indication of a energetic heart wall, along with chronic illness, addictions, destructive habits, repetitive emotional and mental patterns, low self esteem and worth, feeling unlovable, not good enough, powerless, unattractive etc. *** Please note: These issues can also be attributed to other energetic and physiological factors as well and these types of sessions do not diagnose any kind of dis-ease or illness.

We are powerful, Sovereign beings of electric light consciousness and we always have a choice. We can choose to tear down those walls, face the pain we ran and or hide away from and see the beautiful lessons that are literally just waiting inside to be embraced! It takes courage and bravery to step up to the plate and tear down those walls, and to stop hiding, to come out of our shell! And when we do, the reward is so worth it! Because we are FREE from carrying the heavy load of emotional distress and upset, that even in some cases, may not even be entirely our own! We reconnect with the love that we are and begin to live the life we choose! Reclaim our empowerment and when we do that, we reclaim our life and our ability to be the nature CREATOR of our LIFE!

*The first step requires our acknowledgment that we have emotional clean up work to do.  *We must be willing to tear down that wall and clean up the mess we left behind! To work through that which has been left unresolved. We must be willing to talk about it! *We must be brave, have courage and step up to the plate and get it done! *We need to make a commitment and to remain committed to ourselves to do the inner emotional work needed! * We need to acknowledge that we are WORTH the effort and be willing to get the help we need to get it resolved! This will require, time, effort and money on our parts and we need to go to many different types of people to help us. Healing does not always turn out like what we expect. We must be open to resolutions!
Once we get started, it is so easy to follow through..we must step out of judgment and resistance to get where we want to go. There are plenty of folks out there now who can assist you in your journey!

I offer a custom Multi Dimensional Healing Session called Reconnecting to the Core Heart Center which helps with these types of Energetic Heart Walls blocks, if you feel I may be the one to assist you. Sessions are $150 for 60 minutes, although I find most sessions run to 75 minutes, which is billed at $3 per minute after 60.

***For the month of November, if you schedule and complete a Reconnecting to Your Core Heart Center MD Healing session, I will create and send you a digital picture of a Custom Crystal grid to help support your work after the session for FREE. (Like the picture in this post) This is a $60 value and a supportive tool for your session to keep!

Yes the session is expensive, however, remember we are entirely worth the investment! This is what doing this kind of work is, it's an investment in ourselves. And as my friend Radha said earlier today, these sessions creates a ripple effect! The healing continues long after the session is over and I do my best to work very gently, yet get to the core root of the matter!

MD Healing Sessions are layer by layer energy clearing work.  It's simple and effective, can be intense and yes you do have to participate! You may cry, you may laugh, you may shift through loads of emotions during the session, however, we do it together as a team and we will emerge out the other side, usually lighter and brighter! If you are ready to break down that wall and reclaim your empowerment, send me a from request, email or text to scheudle your appointment!