Been working on my monthly email Newsletter, calling it the Light Chronicles. As I have sent Reiki to its creation, it has evolved into so much more than I had previously thought! My goal is to share metaphysical, spiritual, holistic and healing info not just written by me, from other practitioners as well. The Sept. issue, has info about astrology, hermetic principals, flower Essenes, essential oil recipes, Crystal grids, a spotlight on a practitioner, class and courses recommendations and much more! The goal is for the newsletter to be a source of support,inspiration and networking for frequency holders and light workers practitioners and for anyone interested in reading about metaphysical and holistic info. The list is still relatively small, however we have the cream of the crop on this newsletter list,,some of the best metaphysical and holistic practitioners in the country as far as I am concerned!! 😎 we have all ranges from the beginner to expert. I would love to have u join us, if u are interested! U can sign up via my Facebook page,my website or send me a message with your email and I will add you to the email list. This is a proper newsletter,meaning you can unsubscribe at any time from a link at the bottom and I am not one to send much other than monthly newsletter or occasional,articles. Please try it out and see if this is something u are interested in! I would rather see people give it a test drive, than not to. It will not hurt my feelings if u choose to unsubscribe!