Winter Solstice Dec. 21st 2017

Today is the 12/21 Gateway and the Winter Solstice, the day that the Sun moves into the sign of Capricorn. It's been five years since our Mother Earth moved through the 12/21/12 Gateway, experiencing her Ascension, and moving us all into an entire energetic reset, so to speak. She did so quietly and without much fan fare. As a result, our society has been been moving through many changes as a result. It may appear that things are getting worse, when in a realistic perspective, it just the " dirt/dark distortions" raising to the surface to be cleaned up, and transformed into divine love and light.

It will take Mass Consciousness many, many years to catch up, to make that move to 5D consciousness, which is now available to anyone and everyone who is willing to open their eyes to a different reality, to a different perspective, to a vast and unlimited consciousness, all while residing in a 3rd dimensional body. All the while, our Mother Gaia, will be patiently waiting as we eventually, ALL make that move into an expanded awareness and state of consciousness. It is something to be truly grateful for, our Earthly Mother.

The Winter Solstice is the beginning of what I call the rest and review phase. In the spring, we planet our seeds ( ideas) and begin to see them sprout. In the summer, we continue to water our seeds, nurturing them along, as they began to grow into maturity..In the fall, we then harvest our "seeds," now full grown plants/ideas, reaping the rewards of our efforts. The winter is the time for rest, to reflect and review and to realize what we have accomplished. This is an extremely important step in the evolution of our life, of our experiences. Our main purpose in life is to evolve. This may not apply to every being on the planet, however, for most souls, for most all of life, this is what LIFE is all about..growth and evolution. Today, we begin the final phase of the year, one of rest, renewal, review, reflection and realization, so in the Spring, we can begin anew and plant our seeds of inspiration and watch them grow.

Since our Earth Mother moved through the 12/21/12 dimensional portal, another element of significance occurs at the equinox and solstice times, as another wave of beautiful Souls will begin their ascension journey! The Equinox and Solstice gateways open the door for those who are ready, triggering the ascension codes, which are stored in the DNA. Once our codes fire off, our life is not every the same and we began a magnificent journey of evolution, where we can discovery our true self!

Those who ascension codes have fired, go through a clearing phase, where they/we wade through all that which is holding us back from our most authentic selves, bringing it forth to our conscious awareness, so we can make changes accordingly. The ascension clearing phase can last for years, and depends on your Souls choices, Soul contracts, objectives and mission. Many old, unresolved issues will come forth for review at this time and it's important to allow ourselves to transform these issues into a state of understanding, acceptance and balance. That which we resist will persist, even more so in an ascension clearing phase! Our bodies go through many physical changes as well! Listening to our bodies, honoring its needs, along with allowing and embracing our feelings and emotions is imperative at this time.

Ascension helps us to balance and shift our overall signature frequency into one of a more expanded, evolved and open energetic vibration. We are both descending and ascending as we connect and balance out our Trinity: the Higher or more Evolved Self, descends to combine with our Core Heart Center/Inner Child. The Lower or Personality Self then ascends to combine with our Core Heart Center, bringing us into a more awakened, aware, evolved, open and balanced state of "beingness."

This wave of Ascender's will be experiencing deep reflection, revelations and spending much time in review for some time to come. Each wave of Ascender's helps to rise the frequency of our Earth and sets and stabilizes the foundation of the New Earth codes on the planet itself. You will intuitively know on some level if your ascension codes have fired off. Its a feeling deep within the well of your Heart. Bless those who have started their journey, continued blessing to those who are already walking that road and blessings to those who have yet to begin.

Much light and divine love to all for this beautiful season of reflection and blessed be to all on this winter day of celebration.

Written and haphazardly edited by Heyde Class
© A Celestial Solution/ Heyde Class: Certified Psychic Intuitive and Metaphysical Jack of all Trades :)