Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra March 2016

Astrological events serve as triggers to open gateways of new frequencies. It's like waves and waves of new energy flooding in and how it may or may not effect us, depends a lot on how the astrological events create aspects to our personal planets in our natal birth chart and how we choose to respond to these events. In March, 2016 with have had the Triple Crown: A Solar Eclipse/New Moon ( New potential) in 18 degrees 56 minutes Pisces, Vernal Equinox In Aries ( balance and awakening) and finally, on March 23rd we will have the Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon ( peak potential) in 03 degrees and 17 minutes Libra. Often times, the later, being the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in this case, can be the most intense trigger/gateway opening of them all. The New Moon brings in the new potential, the Equinox helps to balance out the energy and then the Full Moon begin everything to a peak for resolution and assimilation. To better explain, a New Moon ushers in a new potential of energy and the Full Moon is the culimational of that potential energy - a Full Moon represents the peak time of any frequency/energy, which can bring many issues to a head! Envision an erupting volcano at it most intense moment and you will easily understand the power of a Full Moon! The Moon in itself deals with our EMOTIONS ( thoughts + energy = emotions) and the daily events of our lives. So couple these two astrological aspects together (the potential for and peak of erupting emotions in our daily lives) and it's like a bee hive finally breaking open, pouring out both honey and potential stings at the same time. How intense that may be again, depends on the aspects being created in our personal chart and how we CHOOSE to respond to these eruptions and subsequently awakenings that may or may not occur. The Solar Eclipse/New Moon serves as the first trigger, then the Equinox acts as 2nd trigger and a potential balancing point. The Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon is the final trigger, bringing everything to a potential peak and resolution. What is really happening during this time is that we are being given an A Plus opportunity for awakening or en-light-en-ment. And within that awakening, there our plenty of new experiences, understandings, insights, ideas, and concepts to play with! With all that new insight, it may well take some time to find the BALANCE of those ideas! Balance is where we find the zero point frequency or 5th dimensional consciousness, the well of infinite possibilities and the perfect observation point! The perfect balance on the pole, between the two polarities. From the observation/balance point, we have a CLEAR view of it ALL, we can see all sides, all possibilities, because we got out of own way! We are not leaning to far in either direction, towards either pole of duality! This Full Moon/LE is in the Aries -( ruled by Mars) and Libra - ( ruled by Venus) can be rather "explosive" because of the astrological signs they happen to be occurring in, couple with other transiting planets. Balance is always the key when dealing with opposites such as these. Aries is a take action sign, Libra is a peace keeping sign. Aries wants to charge ahead, Libra sets back and observes, often waiting to make a decision. This week, we may find ourselves waffling back and forth, wishy washy, tho still trying to push our way through anyways, banging our head in the process and feeling massively frustrated in the bargain. Or we may feel angry, frustrated or out of sorts as we try to sort out the sheer amount of emotions coming up. Or we may just breeze right through. smile emoticon Going with the flow is really win win! The interesting thing about Solar or Lunar Eclipses, is that while a astrological event can trigger a new awakening, it may take awhile for it ( our new vision or understanding) to settle in and we may deal with the effects of that setting in for up to 6 months, or till the next SE or LE occurs! Long lasting effects in other words. How open we are to change, to a new viewpoint and/or to awakening in itself, will often determine HOW we experience these intense times in our lives. Our beliefs and thoughts determine most of our life..we could look at the Solar and Lunar Eclipses as the Universe holding up a giant mirror to our face to help see very clearly that which we needs to be released, so we can really get where we want to go..so we can find that zero point, that well of infinite possibilities, find that balance..so we can really be living our most authentic life! ©A Celestial Solution/Heyde Class acelestialsolution.com This Post can be shared, please share in it entirety with copyright credit.