Santa " The Immortal Avatar of Goodwill"

Santa Claus The Immortal Avatar of Good Will

I think most cultures have some version of Santa Claus, and our immortal "avatar of goodwill," likely comes from our Galactic Pleiadian Family. He does appear to shape shift into many different forms as well, Santa, St.Nicholas, Sinterklass, Woden, and I think personally for me, even Master Merlin! He distributes all this high vibrating energy on Christmas eve, when the “ Christmas spirit is at its height” releasing it into the ley lines, so it's disturbed all over the World! Thank you Santa!

Christmas serves as a reminder of "good will towards humankind." Our energy is collected up in the Ley lines around the Earth, ALL of our hope, our joy, our loving deeds, our kindness, and our compassion collects up over the year and I feel is absolutely dispensed on this day in a huge wave of good will. It spreads out over the World in a giant wave of light. Regardless of whether you celebrate this holiday in the 3D way or perhaps in more spiritual way..Christmas does represent a beautiful and powerful symbol of hope, joy and good will towards man/woman..the ever evolving Cosmic Christ consciousness inside of us all!

So in short..Santa fills us up with the frequency of goodwill and hope, helping us keep the “spirit” alive in our hearts for another year! I think the Santa myth helps counter all the distorted darkness for awhile. That is some seriously awesome, high vibrating frequency, to help keep the Humans in semi alignment for 11 months! 

Hum, perhaps Santa going down the chimney is symbolic of our chakra pole/column of light? He does live at the North Pole, for a reason! ( top of the head/ polarity) The goodwill is downloaded to our DNA suit, recharging us for awhile. The gifts are ones of kindness, love, charity, compassion, acceptance, understanding, joy, happiness, giving and goodwill for ALL. That’s some seriously powerful frequency!

Happy Christmas..or Merry Christ Consciousness..May the Spirit be with you…..