Thoughts on the Solstice Shift

Note** I wrote this on May 23rd, am just know posting to the blog

The last few days, I have be reading articles on FB that we are getting ready to experience the 3rd and supposedly, final wave of the ascension during the Summer Solstice in June, 2016. That's this is the final push to the New Earth....and it very well may be or not...depending on what timeline you may be following or experiencing.  While I am optimistic and excited to think that we have reached this point in "time" on the Earth and humanity's ascension ladder, I am also hesitant to anticipate a specific date and outcome to what that may look like. For now, I am hopeful, and more inclined to view it like a New Baby being born and that Baby still needs to grow up and mature some. I also fully anticipate more waves of new frequency coming in to fully open and raise our collective frequency.

Right now, what I see very clearly is 6 different, possible timelines, two seem to be interwoven, weaving back and forth crossing each other, very similar to the look of DNA. The other two are right next to the interweaving timelines, ironically in a straight line on either side..It feels like the timelines will converge at some point, tho the full Christ Consciousness will not likely to be fully implemented into the planet until around 2032 -2035. To be running full stream ahead at a 33 Frequency at this moment in time on Earth, would probably not be suitable, while so many human bodies are still resonating around 6-25+ frequency, with most still hovering around that would cause some serious chaos, as most folks are just not equipped to handle that higher frequency yet, let alone know what is happening. Can you say CHAOS? This is why things have been moving in stages...and as you can well see, we already have chaos from that!

I always say, when you read something..if it FEELS like truth to you, if it rings true, then it is for you..if not, then out the door it goes..It's so important right now that we do trust our heart, our intuition, reclaim our empowerment, open our mind, step out of judgement and allow our life to unfold..Our willingness and openness to do so, will really serve us so much right now! By going with the flow of life we can easily step into our natural empowerment and discover our most authentic truth and life. We do not need to follow other people beliefs and rules about how our life ought or needs to be.. that is OUR find and discover our OWN PATH....get out of that judgmental part of the mind and allow the NEW you to emerge! TRUST, ALLOW AND BE WILLING to change.!! :)

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