The E-motional Response and Cell Clearing

Human emotions are extremely complex and from what I understand are the physiological response to the energy/ frequency we are encountering or experiencing at the time. While our emotions are tied into and linked with what we think, (mental auric field) feel, (intuitive auric field) and believe, ( neural pathways) the bodies cells/ DNA also hold vast stored memories of every experience we have had, and are also reflected in our emotional responses. So our emotional response can be actually coming from our stored cell memories and are not necessarily just a reflection of what we currently think, feel or believe on a conscious level. These memories or unresolved emotional issues are sitting in the subconscious mind as well, so its' not just our conscious thought and beliefs that create and manifest e-motional's also the thoughts in the subconscious and our stored cellular data in the physical body!

Case in point, I just experienced this last week, when my emotional response was SO dramatically different and out of sync with what I felt and consciously believed! It was like I had NO control over of this physical, e-motional response and it came pouring out of me at rapid speed. It felt like I was NOT really experiencing my experience, rather that I was experiencing something from another life. It demonstrated to me, how powerful the cell memory is/was and that I needed to be sure to give my CELLS a good LIGHT WASHING! It also proved to me that the physical body is also responding from it's stored cell memory and subconscious memories.

If any old. emotional issue is not resolved both in the subconscious mind and physical cell memory as well, it will reflect something different than what we may be consciously thinking or even feeling at the moment. I think this is partly what is meant when they say "being of two minds. " Our conscious mind may feel one way, but the subconscious and the physical body are still partaking in the other way of thinking. What is even more interesting is that we can also be experiencing e-motions generated from a coexisting life, which may be bleeding through into our current life at that very moment, which is probably what was happening to me last week.

We are all in a symbiotic partnership with our DNA skin suit! Our Original Signature seed cell/ atom, ( which carries all your life experiences) along with the God Seed cell/atom, creates our DNA suit, which is based on all experiences we have every had in all lifetimes and what every DNA sequencing we carry. We are walking,talking, memory sticks of vast information and stored experiences! Those who carry unresolved issues will have this reflected to them in many ways, such as odd or over reactive e-motional responses to an experience. Unresolved feelings and e-motional issues can really rake up over lifetimes, it's easy to see the importance of bringing them into resolution!

Our current, conscious thoughts are not always an accurate reflection of what is at the root of an emotional response. Understanding, that our e-motional response is generated from many sources is imperative! To throughly clear and resolve old, emotional issues, we need to be clearing the conscious and subconscious mind, the Original Signature seed atom and the cell memories on all layers of the energy body, (auric field) in all aspects and fragments of ourselves, in all experiences of time and space. Otherwise, we are just taking one layer of icing off the cake, so to speak. We are multi dimensional, light beings with aspects and fragments of ourselves, living in many simultaneously lives and realities. Thinking in these terms, helps us move easier into 5D reality and understand the complexity of the Human response.

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