Being Present and In Our Body!

We can be in our bodies but not present or paying attention. The lights are on but nobody is home. And if we are absent, then who is at the wheel??? We are all multi dimensional beings, with many aspects of ourselves experiencing life. When we are checked out, ( and we HAVE ALL done this at one time or another) our ego/ personality self often takes center stage and in some cases, even entities take over the wheel. Neither really have our best interest at heart as often are coming from a fear based, judgmental, wounded perspective. In the absence of light, all manner of darkness can occur.

The ego compromises among other things, the fragmented, traumatized aspects of ourselves. Not who we really want at the wheel nor driving our car! An entity is just taking a free ride, a current energetic match with us, attached and living in our auric/energy field and reliving their trauma and pain, through our experience! They can also be found "inside" as the entity may be attached to the cellular memory that has been stored and is now come up for clearing. So entities are not necessarily always on the "outside" in the auric field, they are also found on the inside, buried and trapped in our Cell memory as well. The term inner demons is bang on in this case! Everything is consciousness with some form of consciousness, that comes from the same Source, so entities are nothing to be fearful of.

In my experience, viewing life from a objective/ observation perspective, totally neutral, really helps to be and stay present. Also doing our inner emotional work, healing old wounds and traumas and rejoining our fragmented pieces back to our Soul, makes a world of difference. I know this from my own experience as have been actively doing this work for 7 years now.  I also help others do this inner work through utilizing intuitive insight, spiritual, metaphysical counseling, Reiki, Light Language, and multi dimensional healing that focuses on clearing energetic distortions and entity releasing.

Old wounds and traumas, if left unresolved will sit in our auric field and cell memory and continue to keep us not only in a time loop with the incident, but can also attract more of the same type of incidents. Until we finally decide we have had enough and address the issue, this is a revolving, repeating wheel. It's up to each person to deal with and embrace their own feelings and emotions. No one EVER makes us feel, think or do anything! Our choice, our responsibility. Shaming and blaming another for what we choose to see in the mirror and or do, think or feel is participating in the 3rd dimensional game of judgement and separation. There is no I am you and you are me..we are all aspects of each other, having various sorts of experiences, mirroring back our projections to each other. When we take FULL responsibility for what we choose to create and perceive, we are standing in our authentic empowerment! This is very easy when we toss out the judgement, ( of both ourselves and others) remain as objective as possible and understand that it is all in perfect and divine order.

Since the Earth and her inhabitants moved through the Ascension portal in Dec. 2012, we are all increasingly experiencing more LIGHT. Our body structures are changing and moving from carbon based to the crystalline, light filled bodies, able to access the higher dimensions of consciousness. The clearer we are of old past wounds and traumas, the more light we can hold, the higher our vibration and the better we feel! We can experience life from a higher, more loving perspective, feel more love and joy!

Everything in life is a CHOICE, choosing to be checked out and or holding onto old wounds and traumas just slows down the process, and lowers our vibration. So the big decision is what do we want our life to be like?? And we are willing to do the inner work to get there? Only ourselves can answer these questions! There is no right or wrong choice, as all of life is just an experience. We are all Sovereign,Divine beings of Creation, all perfect just as we are! Find the light and you will find the solution.

©A Celestial Solution/Heyde Class
written by Heyde Class: Certified Psychic Intuitive, Metaphysical Practitioner and All around Metaphysical Jack of all Trades!