The Title of Light Worker is your choice!

I have noticed over the last few months a big todo ( mostly on Facebook) about people not calling themselves "light workers" now, because it's the " false lights" way to manipulate and control people to work for them.  Since I do believe in infinite possibilities and polarity in 3rd dimension atleast, yes this is very possible.  However in my viewpoint..anyone who works with information is a " light" worker.   So teachers, computer programmers, radio, writers, bloggers, authors, healers etc..etc..are light workers..LIGHT is information and those who give out information are working with light! I am in essence a " light worker."  I am a spiritual teacher and proud to be so! However, I feel that a sovereign, star seed frequency holder is closer to the mark for me.  Regardless, it's all just a label and no label has any power of us, and neither do others, unless we give our power away to the label or the person! I say call yourself what every the heck u want to! Your life, your truth, your choice, your responsibility.

Now, not all light/ information is created equally..we have the dodgy variety and the divine variety, with everything in between. It's our discernment and objectivity that helps us decide what is OUR TRUTH.   Making those choices is our responsibility! Our truth may not match up with another's and that's aok..we do not need anyone's approval or support to believe what we want.  Just because we believe something and another does not, or visa versa, does not make what we or they believe, right or wrong!

We are all Creators, we were ALL birthed from the exact same place, Source..we are electric light consciousness capable of so much more then we have been told!  What that also means is that the " false" also comes from the same Source, just different end of the polarity spectrum and it all has its purpose!

Our life is our responsibility, no one else' this is also a shout out to every being on this planet who sees, understands and lives this! And bless those who may not be there yet, as life is an experience, an experiment of epic proportions of Infinite possibilities.  Every stage of our lives plays a vital role in our Soul development. It all matters, it's all Important, it's all our choice, living in this holographic projected reality!

© A Celestial Solution/Heyde Class :)