Weekly Outlook and Suggestions for Feb.11th - 18th, 2017

For the week, Feb.11th - Feb.18th, 2017

Astrologically, the week is all about rediscovering your core self through assimilating, balancing, integrating, introspection and regeneration of these new Eclipse energies! The Moon in Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio, shifting into Sag on Saturday, will help us with these tasks. Saturday, the Sun moves into Pisces, for the next 30 days, which will bring a shift of focus to one of unity, imagination, compassion, empathy and intuitive understanding. It also can bring chaos, confusion, delusion and escapism..all things to be mindful of!

A key crystal to work with this week is Lapis Lazuli. Lapis works beautifully with our 5th ( Sound/Voice/Communication center) and 6th chakra's ( psychic intuitive center) helping us to see more clearly and facilitating deep self-awareness. It assists in helping us uncover and discover, our most authentic self, through identifying where we may have left our power and then reclaiming it!

A key flower to work with this week is Hibiscus. According to the Doreen Virtue Flower deck, this flower represents Unity, which is just so spot on if you think about. We are unifying many aspects of ourselves at the moment, parts that may have gone off the rails, or got left out in the cold along the way. Parts of ourselves that may FEEL dis-empowered, lost, lonely, afraid, unworthy or even unloved. Through exploring our Core self with a open and compassionate heart and mind, we can easily brings these often shattered parts of ourselves, back into our Core, and as we do, we helps others to do the same. Take time this week to focus on you!!

A key essential oil for this week is Elemi, which radiates peace from its very essence. One good whiff of this heedy scent can help bring us into a state of stillness and calm. It's like compassion and comfort wrapped up in a bottle, as some of things we may discover this week, might be a bit hard to swallow.  ( As with all essential oils, be mindful or check with your physician before using or working with any essential oils if pregnant, nursing, on medication, have allergies, seizures or high blood pressure.)

A key color to focus on this week is Violet. Violet is a primo color to help us to heal, and transmute and transform ourselves into Unity. The proverbial violet flame is also there to assist us in cellular cleansing and upgrades.

My Intuitive Healing sessions are geared around working with someone to help them reclaim their empowerment. If you feel that you need some assist, please check out my website for more details!

Namaste! May the Unity be with you! Happy Love Day!

©A Celestial Solution/Heyde Class Written by Heyde Class aka Miss Metaphysical Jack of all Trades! lol