Ascension Tips

Every time a wave of energy comes in, it shifts our frequency. All this high vibrating light, floods in through our Crown chakra and then down through the chakra column, then disperses itself all over the body! What every we are holding in the body that is contracted and unresolved (emotional issues), will come up, literally, for clearing. This energy often ends up in the head,so you may feel congested, dizzy, head achy etc. if that happens. This high frequency energy EFFECTS everyone to a certain degree, but even more so, for those whose ascension codes have fired and their clearing process has begun and less, once the clearing process begins to conclude, which appears to be around 4 years.

If you are on the planet, then you are part of the ascension, tho you may not be moving through your ascension clearing process YET. Ascension basically means to move or shift to a higher frequency. Many people's codes will fire off, at some point in their life time. ( the ascensions process is coded into the DNA) It happens in waves and the codes often seem to fire, around the Solstice's and Equinox's times. Once your Ascension codes fire, there is no getting off that train, unless you decide to cross over. There is a clear processing to attend to, with plenty of ascension symptoms to boot, lol, then it seems to be pretty easy, tho your life is forever changed, I assure you. My hard core ascension clearing phrase is OVER, tho my ascension process continues indefinitely! So Listed below are just a few pointers to help out!

1. Pay attention to what you are eating. Ditch the milk, sugar, caffeine, white flour and junk food. Meat is one of the lower vibrating foods, so eat sparingly, if still consuming. The body is working hard and needs real, high quality, high vibrating food to process these physical changes. Otherwise, get ready to feel like hell, honestly. For vegetarians/vegans, beans, rice, potatoes, and protein shakes are very grounding.

2. Change the sheets on your bed every 2-3 days. It makes a huge difference. Also if you have a crystal bowl or tuning fork, play it above the bed to help clear the bed of excessive frequency. Also helps to clear the room as well. If having head issues,( headaches, sinus etc.) change pillow case every night till you get it resolved. NO TV playing to go to sleep! Highly disruptive for the sleep pattern! Trouble sleeping, try Kelly Howells Brain Sync MP3: Slow Wave Sleep, knocks me out most of the time.  be sure you get PLENTY OF SLEEP.  Ascension clearing and upgrades require plenty of sleep!!

3. Take sea salts bath daily! This has saved me! The baths will help clear the body of the excessive energy that has built up in the auric fields. I take 30-60 minute baths and meditate for half the time. I would not have made it through this process without my baths! Soaking in sea water is the most healing thing for the body! I of course use crystals, sea shells and Essential oils in the bath .

4. Clear the energy in your house daily! Open the windows, play peaceful, high vibrating music, play Crystal bowls ( my go to way) all through the house. You can also burn candles, incense, sage, use a Essential Oil diffuser etc. Give the house Reiki or use Reiki symbols to clear the house.

5. Clear the chakra's and the auric field daily! The body can also be cleared through sea salt baths, showers, playing Crystal bowls or tuning forks, holding a selenite Crystal, taking walks outside etc. For a quick shift, wash hands and change your clothes. Pay attention to the colors you wear, it makes a huge difference. STAY away from black! Black constricts the energy..try blues, whites, pastels and then greens.

6. Walk, meditate, yoga, chi-gong, energy clearing etc. daily! Ground, ground, ground and ground! Ground every day, several times a day, especially if feeling floaty. Follow your heart and trust your intuition. This is vital to this process!

7. Drink plenty of water. Stay away from milk, soda, caffeine, coffee, espresso, beer and wine.

8. Deal with the unresolved emotional issues as they arise..face them, forgive yourself and others, resolve the issues, yes it takes longer than 30 seconds, re-frame it to help you understand what you learned from that experience and then it's time to move forward. I highly recommend you keep a journal and write all this down. I have all mine recorded since March 2016. The Past Life Deck by Doreen Virtue is very helpful, along with the book, Akashic Therapy by Amanda Romania.

9. Understand healing, happens in layers and you may have to address an issue multiple times. This is fine, each time, will give you a new opportunity to see and address something else. Drop the resistance and the excuse that you do not have time to deal with this shit! You have the time, the longer you resist, the worse it gets and the more it persists..ascension is do or unless you want to spend your life miserable and in pain..step up to the plate and deal with it. Physical pain is the bodies way to let you know something needs attending to.. Pay attention to your body! Honor and respect your body! Listen to your body! Make FRIENDS with your body! lol Learn your bodies language!!! The Healing Meditation Mp3 by Kelly Howell on is Awesome! I have used that for 16ish years now!

10. If you need help, ask for it. Be willing to pay for what you need! Do not expect others to help you for free! You may need a Holistic Dr., Acupuncturist, Chiropractic, a MD, Holistic Dentist, Massage Therapist, **an Energy or Reiki Healer, Multi-dimensional Energy Healer ( **These three I do) an Aromatherapist, a Akashic Therapist etc. Ascension symptoms can be really tricky, and it's important to attend to BOTH the physical and the energetic body during this time. Do not assume it's just a physical or just an energetic symptom. Healing needs to occur on the physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies to have a complete healing.

11. This to shall pass! It's important to have a support system. Having a friend to talk to really helps, or talking with others who are also going through their ascension clearing, can really make the difference! Hang in there, DO NOT GIVE UP! The key to easily moving through this process is knowing you have the power to heal yourself and resolve everything! Even if that means having someone else assist you!!! Be open to the idea of what "healing" looks like! It may look different then you might think. Remember your JOB right now is reclaiming your sovereignty, clearing up your old, unresolved emotional and mental issues, rising your frequency, and helping others in your unique and wonderful way. :)

Written and fully experienced by Heyde Class: Certified Psychic Intuitive, Holistic Health Practitioner, Reiki Master and Teacher
© Acelelstialsolution/ Heyde Class