What is your concept of DOING?

I love small reminders from the universe! A change of attitude is often all that is needed! Sometimes I feel like I get nothing accomplished because I am spending so much time releasing and letting go of unprocessed and repressed emotions, especially lately! This takes so much time and effort..I have to be very present and aware.

But then I realize that is exactly what I need to do at this minute! It's more important than anything else for me because its leading me to my most authentic self and expression. I am raising my light quotient, I am doing exactly what my soul has chosen to do! Which does not always coincide with what my personality thinks or wants to do! That is WAY more important and valuable to me, then any " doing" I could be doing! Lol releasing is doing, just because we do not see a tangible product from that doing..does it not mean we are not accomplishing anything!