The Sedona Frequency

he Schumann response of the Earth is 7.8. In comparison, I was reading about Sedona's frequency which is supposedly 33 and that actually feels correct to me, 33 is the frequency of the Christ Consciousness. I have read and heard that Sedona is the highest vibrating place on the planet and that all key ley lines that surround our planet begin and end in Sedona. Sedona essentially channels all these higher vibrating frequencies out to other areas, and key Earth ley line, gateways and chakra points.. This is also what I mean when I say living on the energetic front line 24/7. This is also why some people may feel like they receive a healing when they come here. It temporarily rises your frequency and brings up lower frequencies housed in the auric field for clearing, thus increases the body's light quotient. So if u hear the call of Sedona it really be hooves you to answer with a visit!" Heyde Class - A Celestial Solution