The DOing Mode….

For most of my adult life, I was set in yang do some more. When I was managing a Pier 1 I worked 50-60 hour work weeks..I was salaried and had no life or work boundaries for that matter! Perfectionism and accomplishment were the frequencies I was running and experiencing at that time in my life. I was in 3D mode until my NDE at 24.

In the early 90's I slowed down just a bit, and got off the slave wage...40 hours + a week grind and went mostly self employed...the slow down, well it did not last long as when I opened the Barkery, 15- 18 hours days were the norm, tho not all that time was spent with the shop open to the public...and finally about 2 years ago..I really slowed down and started BEING.

I will not tell you that I have found it that easy to just BE..or run the Yin/ girl frequencies. Since moving to Sedona, my true authentic self has really emerged and I have fully embraced the Slow-Dona ( Sedona) frequency. And even more so, my Pleidian and Arcturian frequencies which are all about peace, love, healing and learning. Do I get much accomplished these days? No, not really... but I am learning, well really remembering, how to just relax and experience to truly observe and just BE. No more fully throttle, no more working myself till exhaustion and no more running and hiding from painful feelings and emotions..

What I am getting at is our society is totally geared towards DOING! It's like a badge of honor and if we're are not accomplishing 24/7 then we have little value or worth, which frankly is total BS. And It can be so distracting to our authentic purpose! But it's important to be balanced and experience just BEING. If we are constantly doing, we have little time for observation or self reflection, which is vitally important in the experience called life. So from a gal who was set in yang mode, (do) who is now more Yin mode (be) I can tell u that life is WAY more fun when u have a little of both! ❤ getting off the wheel of the doing frequencies was one of the best decisions I have every made!