Star Wars Series Manual for Frequency Holders and A Wake up call

I saw the first Star Wars movie 14 times at the movie theater back in 1977. I actually have a tiny memory of the first scene, as that ship came booming across the screen. It changed my life forever! I had the first memory of who I really was!

Personally, I think the Star Wars movies were a wake up call, reminders for the frequency holders, a light worker manual to help us remember our mission! I have seen the first Star Wars movie over a 100 times and still will occasionally discover something I have not seen. I feel George tapped into another dimension and discovered this alternate reality. Most of the really successful series such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter are people tapping into an alternative reality/dimension/timeline.

Every year, I spend one week and watch them the six movies all in a row..I can assure you.. I am ready to the see the new movie, which I believe is called the " The Force Has Awoken" or something along those lines. JJ Abrams is ought to be awesome!