Stand in your power!

Unless people choose to stand up and ask for what they need and or desire, life will continue to be a series of dis empowering frequencies...why because that is the frequency they are running in their fields!

We can create our own work, money, food and buy from whom we choose! No matter what these corporations do or do not, if they do not have consumers purchasing goods or services, they tank! So u can investigate and decide whether that corp vibrates with you, and are willing to support that corp, by invest your money by buying good and services and or in some cases, working for them.

We are all empowered! So Ask for what u need and desire! If your current job does not reciprocate, then find or create a new one! I have spent a huge portion of my life self employed, and I prefer it that way!

I do not agree with corporations exploiting workers whether they are from another country or not, it matters not! Corporations who focus solely on the bottom line, I do my best that they do not get any money from me!

STAND IN YOUR POWER! Do not every allow anyone to demean or exploit you!

When we all choose to practice the Universal of love which basically states: treats others the way u want to be treated, this world will be a very different place!