Showing Appreciation

Many years ago, I learned the value of appreciation! And those who know me well, know I say this frequently to others! Why? Because I truly do appreciate people, myself and experiences! And I practice the universal law of love, treat others the way u want to be treated! Interestingly, I do not hear people use the world "appreciation" in conversation much.

When we learn to appreciate others, ourselves and our experiences, it's a win win and a loving thing to do. It's empowering and wonderful! Telling someone hey I am grateful for you, I appreciate your time, what u shared with me is such an awesome thing to share! What we are grateful for, what we value, what we appreciate, what we pay attention to multiples itself and we are showered with all kind of riches, as prosperity comes in so many forms!

So when is the last time u told someone you appreciated them?