Sessions and The Art of Listening

After 27 years sitting opposite people in intuitive Metaphysical Consulting session, tho I just called them tarot readings when I first started and then profession 4 years later, I can say with assurance, I have mastered the fine art of listening. And it's amazing what I have learned over the years by so doing!

Listening to me anyways, means actually hearing what the other person is saying without gathering a response while they are still talking. Sitting in complete observation and receptivity as they share their information. Judgment is not involved.

Now I am not saying that my thoughts and mind are not going or I am filing some important piece of data I just heard or piecing together the puzzle of data a client just gave me, I am but I am actually multitasking and truly hearing what they are saying all at the same time. It does take practice.

Anyone who knows me well knows, I do interrupt sometimes as I will get a sudden hit ( this is often how intuition works ) and/ or a response may be channeled and I will forget if I do not say right at that minute.

All sessions I do are confidential, and as most of the info I share is Intuitive and or channeled, I rarely remember what I share, especially if I phase out and continue to talk which happens a lot! Lol every session is different but the one thing they all have in common is the need to observe and LISTEN!