Our Relationship with Nature

Just as I tell Reiki students that they are in a symbiotic partnership with Reiki, I would say the exact same thing about nature. We ARE all one, we all come from the exact same source Creation, God, Buddha, whatever u wish to call the frequency/vibration/energy. We are all like a magnet with swirls of frequencies in our auric field that we have collected up over time. These frequencies will attract similar frequencies that match what is in our field. What is in our life is what is a match to those frequencies.

We need the Nature frequencies ; the sun frequency, the moon frequency, the flower, tree and plant frequencies etc. The more cut off we become, the more our spirit can wilt, just like a flower needs water and the sun to thrive. We are the Universe, an empowered soul/ spirit in a DNA skin suit experiencing life. What we are not our a bunch of disempowered lugs in a meat suit, tho this is what Earths population has been told for thousands of years indirectly tho beliefs, thoughts etc..we are all creators onto our own right, all equal, all capable, tho at different growth states. To really found our most natural empowerment and sovereign state, connecting with nature is crucial! ⛅❄☀