No One Heals Us but US!

The body is designed to heal itself and all cell regenerate on it's own accord appx. Every 5-7 years. The only reason why it may not is our belief that it does not! Many folks give their healing power away! Our body is made and filled with millions/ trillions of intelligent, conscious cell replicates (atoms)of you and Source Creations original 8 cells! Creation is powerful and we humans have the Creator DNA string! Everything in our body can be regenerated! If a lizards tail can regenerate, so can we! It's only our belief that causes us to age, get wrinkles, get fat, loss our hair, have an incurable disease, never recovery from an illness or disease or addiction etc.etc.etc. our thoughts and beliefs are super powerful! What we believe is we create and experience!

The first hermetic principal is consciousness, everything in the universe is consciousness! So yes, our thoughts are consciousness. So is our body! So is the pain we may feel in our body! So listening to our body and our thoughts is to our advantage! What do u want to believe? That you are powerless to change and or heal yourself? That you are incurable? That you will never recovery from an injury, disease or addiction? Or that you can heal yourself and the assistance is there ( holistic healers, herbs, etc..) if you so choose to utilize it? I choose the later! Empower yourself, because no one else can do this for you! When you heal, no matter who or what assists you, it always you that allows yourself to heal consciously or subconsciously. No one heals us, but us!