My Take on Angels and Ascended Masters

Angels and Ascended Masters! I see them a little different in that I view them as other aspects of me, of all of us actually, who have reached our ascended states, and are residing in other dimensions! I view Archangel Michael, as a group of soul energies, which is one reason why he can be in a million different places at once! That and we are all multi-dimensional beings! I do not see these divine beings as separate from me or others, nor do I see them as my authority! I am a sovereign being who welcomes and is open to assistance, as 3D life is not always the easiest go! I love information and am open to all viewpoints, tho not everyone's viewpoints ring true for me! And yep this includes information from divine beings as well, not just the humans!

I read a lot of channeling's from Ascended Masters and Archangels, and I do not believe or accept everything I read, see or even hear! Life is filled with BS and illusion! This goes for everything that crosses my path. 23 years of professional intuitive experience has taught me discernment, trusting my own truth and following my heart! I follow NO ONE except my own heart and truth! It does not matter to me who they are, how intelligent, enlightened or whether in a DNA skin suit or not. I am my own authority.

And I will be the first in line to say to anyone, and everyone, become a sovereign being, be your own authority!! Trust our own truth, follow your own heart, and that which rings true in your heart! Learn to discern between the illusion, your reality, your desires, your infinity possibilities and most important, your most authentic truth!