Independence day ponderings

Independence Day....from an energetic standpoint, the colors of our flag, red, white and blue, represent our 3D root ( security/ our roots) and throat chakra ( communication) and our 5D Crown chakra. ( oneness and connection)

I see it as our our ability to stand on our two feet, firmly rooted in security and knowingness, easily able to connect with and listen to our higher self. We can then confidently give voice to and create our desires for our highest and greatest good. And isn't that really what independence is? It is for me anyways.

Our egos, often running muck in fear, self doubt and illusion are often what is behind our belief that we are not free, powerless or independent. We are all creation, we all come from the same Prime God seed atom, we all have the power of creation inside of us, we are all having experiences. The beauty is that we all get to choose those experiences, even when it appears we do not, as we always get to choose our attitude, feelings and reactions! When we choose to connect to our high self for assistance, we are connecting with a trusted source. It's win win..

Joyously celebrating our independence today!