Follow Your Own Path

I am so NOT a follower! Instead I have followed my own path my entire life even when ridiculed, demeaned and ostracized for my actions..And look where it took Sedona, one of the most beautiful places in the world and to a level of spiritual understanding, knowledge, grace and self love I value, honor and am very grateful for! I choose empowerment and being true to myself instead and that really served me!

I highly recommend to everyone, especially now..follow your own path, follow your own tune and see what you can create! Be authentic, be true to yourself! I do not feel that Prime Creator wants us to be all the same, carbon copies or crowd followers! We are all here to experience! Marvel at yourself, this is not being ego centered. It's acknowledging that we are magnificent, beloved, divine, spiritual beings, having a human experience!

I applaud you all who have chosen to stay on the Earth at this time, you are the fore runners, the builder of the new 5D Earth which takes such love, courage and determination!

Those of you who are living on the energetic frontline such as Sedona, Glastonbury and other sacred sites, holding the space, doing your inner work, transforming and clearing for the collective, I applaud you!!! You are truly making a difference each and every day and doing a magnificent job!