Everything is equal in the eyes of Creation.. at least in my world!

All this fighting about color, religion, about marriage rights...honestly what I want to say is seriously? One color, race or religion, belief or person is no "better" than the other!! We all come from the same place/ source...CREATION! We all have equal rights period!

To think creation ( God, Buddha, etc.) labels one thing better than another is really naive frankly. Creation is creation..trying on all hats, coming in billions and billions of shapes, sizes, creeds, religions, beliefs...infinite possibilities. To get so entrenched in a belief that folks are willing to harm another...wow...I want to say seriously? Truly think about that.. How many damn wars have began because of religion? Honestly, it's like small toddlers throwing sand at each in a play box! Grow up humanity and get a clue! Rights are rights!

I have watched humanity for 50 years and I see so many people play this I am better than you are game because I am this or that..etc..and I just shake my head and think it's apparent they do not see, they do not understand,they are not grasping the universal law of love..treat others how u want to be treated! They do not see that tolerance, compassion, understanding and love is what is needed.

Of course I see those in the mix, tho not nearly as many, who are truly loving, compassionate, understanding and tolerant. Thank u for holding the space for others to shift. It's always our choice what we say, feel and think. We can always make another choice that benefits the greater good of all! That is the real win win! We do not have to like what others do, say or think. However, if we want the freedom to express ourself, to be who we are, then we need to allow others, the same freedom. It's a matter of acceptance and understanding that we all have value and worth, regardless of what we choose to do. And that no way, belief, race, religion etc. is better than another. Better for you personally perhaps, but in my mind all equal in the test drive called life! It all comes from CREATION, tho experienced in billions of different ways!

So Ask yourself this....if u happen to be the one who was different, who was a different race, or wanted to be married but could not because it's against the law or you had the different belief, would u not want to be treated with tolerance? Compassion? Love? Understanding? Acceptance? It takes courage in this society to be different. To be your most authentic self and live your most authentic life. In my mind, it ought to be as simple as breathing! Tolerance, acceptance compassion, love, understanding...this what is needed now, so we can all truly thrive and live together harmoniously. We are all one! Heyde Class 😊