Being a Teacher and Student

For me, I allow everyone to be my teacher. tho I do not allow anyone to be my authority, huge difference! Some people I learn from in ways I had not every expected or even anticipated and or even realized at the time. While others I may choose to attend a class they are teaching. Teachers come in all varieties.

I am and will be, every the eager over achiever, the person who reads every single day and loves to learn! I love information, but not all information is fun or happy to receive or do I agree with.

I choose to be both the student and teacher, which gives me the joyful gift of total freedom and empowerment! I have no need or desire to be an authority figure, something I see happening with many spiritual teachers and educators. This for me is a very limited, disempowering 3D belief and experience, that if you are more educated than others, u are then their authority....not! We are our own authority! When you allow yourself to be both teacher and student you truly empower yourself and allow yourself to experience the best of both and receiving information!