Animals Right to Freedom…..

With the horrific treatment and the outright abuse of factory farmed animals, raising and selling animals for food this way is honestly unethical and unsustainable as far as I am concerned and I am being polite here. No one and I mean no one has the right to "own" another living being, period! It does not matter whether it's a person or animal or a rock!

Small sustainable farms or individuals who value and respect their animal friends, working in cooperation and partnership with the animal, I can actually better understand, tho in my mind, we still have NO right to "OWN" any sentient being. I can understand paying someone solely for the "cost of care", but not to buy the animal. Their right to freedom is no different then ours. I value and appreciate the many people who have chosen to take on the role of caretaker of various types of animals companions, farm animals and some even wild animals, however I still feel we do not OWN them.

Over the years, I have seen Cows cry, ( which was heart breaking for me by the way) I have heard stories of the Cow moms hiding their baby's from Farmers. Pigs are smart enough to do little kids puzzles and have an intelligence of a 3 year old. I have seen dogs and kitties save their humans lives..Animals are not dumb, nor are they lower class citizens solely meant for humans profit, pleasure or for food. They have just as much right to live freely and happily on this planet as we do. Can you imagine living on this planet and you do not speak the language?