A New Moon with A Solar Eclipse and Spring Equinox on One day! WOW!

The utlimate astrological Day tomorrow! New Moon with a Solar Eclipse at 2:36 AM PDT! It's the epitome of out with the old and in with the new frequency! And..drum roll please...Spring Equinox as well! Time to celebrate the new year! Planting seeds of joyful intentions today equals wonderful creations manifesting later in the year!!

This is definitely a day you want to take the time to write out NEW MOON INTENTIONS and have a bit of a quiet rest at some point. No rushing around or fanning about if possible..LOL Introspection today will pay off in spades in the next 6 months..as the astrological course of events occurring tomorrow will have lasting effects for the next 6 months. And as I always say: Transits do not happen to us, rather we happen to them..meaning we always CHOOSE how we want to respond to a transit.