Be A Love Transmuter! :)

LOVE, the most powerful energy in the Universe, able to transmute lower frequencies/energies in a blink of an eye and help the world go round in a single bound! :) All of Creation is LOVE. Whether it appears that way or not! If not, may be vibrating extremely low and or have temporarily fallen off the light and love wagon into the darkness for awhile! And how far they may have gone done the Rabbit hole depends on what they are choosing to learn in this go round. After we hit the bottom, the only way is UP tot he light! :)

Re-member WE are all LOVE incarnate! Even those who are choosing actions to the contrary..this is a free will paradigm after all! So, be the love you want to see in the world! Love you, your emotions, your body, your soul, your BFF, your doggie and kitty pals, your neighbors, distant relatives, folks you do not know personally and even those naughty folks who are chem trailing, trying to poison our Mother earth, control the food system, this who are hogging and exploiting natural resources, stealing, lying etc..etc.....WHY? Because Love transmutes all lower energies! You are truly helping when you bless them and send them love! It may not always be easier to do so..but it really does help! Become a LOVE transmuter! :)

It's your world, so what do u want to experience? Personally, I want LOVE everywhere! I want to see it, feel it, experience it and be it! I want to find LOVE on every street corner, in every nook and cranny, in every single space, place, rock, tree and garden. In every person, place and thing and most especially in every action! Can life be so lovable? Of course it can, actually it already is, as it's ALL in the way you CHOOSE to view it! See the love, be the love! Create the World you so desire!

It's much easier to shift frequency when you are not standing in the same frequency, are angry and unhappy that there are chem trails, or factory farming and feel helpless to change it. Well the anger or unhappy frequency is not strong enough to really effect much's like trying to clean off dog poop off your shoe, while still standing in the dog poop..not very effective! LOL You have to step out of the poop to change the shoes, so to speak! LOL how to step out? LOVE! LOVE transmutes it all.! This morning I sent love and blessing ( oh yes I did!) to all kinds of naughty's ( Montatan and US corporations were top of the list) on this planet..I felt like I really made a difference! Love baby…love! ;)