Our Deeds

Our deeds do not determine our self worth or deservedness! I have witnessed the most loving kind, generous people have virtually nothing and living the most intense, downtrodden lives, so virtuous and then seen the complete opposite, people who are hateful, greedy, neglectful, and destructive have everything they could every want or need and then some! A charmed life...A few billionaires immediately come to mind...seriously, who needs $85 billion dollars? Pass around the wealth buddy and help change the world! But it's their life, their experience and obviously their money! Lol

I was really pondering this, this morning, intermittently crying bouts of tears, between these soul searching ponderings. I genuinely do not buy into the good guy, bad guy 3D duality BS that's spewed all over this frequency controlled society. We are all LOVE, whether we choose to remember or participate in that frequency is a whole another story tho!

Life is simply an experience. We live in a Universe governed by the law of cause and effect, at least Earth universe is and our deeds are just simply that, deeds and they all have some kind of effect or consequence. (Notice the word " con" is in that last word! ). We are deserving no matter what we have done or not done because we are ALL creation. And since when is Creation not worthy or deserving? We are ALL divine beings of light, multi dimensional, multi sensory creators, residing in a DNA skin suit, living on the Earth plane in the 3rd dimension, where atoms can become super solid! Not like that in the upper dimensions! Create, create create! It's all of our choosing, whether we are conscious of the choices or not!

Anyone who has every graced the halls of a church or lived in the Bible Belt has most likely been told that it's better to give than to receive which is now a collective unconscious belief so many folks buy into that. And I totally disagree, better to do both, give and receive in my thinking. Another is that their " good" deeds determine their self worth and deservedness! BS! I disagree 100%.

We are ALL worthy, deserving and lovable no matter what, because we are a beloved beings of creation! Whether we are wonderful receivers or givers, depends on our choices! We are love. We are light. We are worthy. We are deserving! All of us! And no I am not saying I agree with everything everyone does, obviously, but it does not matter what anyone thinks of our deeds, it still does not determine if we are deserving or worthy. Already all!