Jan New Moon 2015 and Mercury Retrograde

Astrological events: the New moon in Aquarius is here, arriving at 5:41 am PST today. smile emoticon time for new moon intentions!

Mercury takes it first trip in reverse for 2015 tomorrow morning, Jan. 21st at 7:54 am PST. Mercury always sits in park or idle for a few days both before and after it changes directions. Astrological it's called stationary position. It then shifts into reverse for several weeks, then settles back into idle for 3-4 days ( before and after) then forward motion on Feb. 11th at 6:57 am.

To really take advantage of this time it's wonderful to practice the words with Re in front such as relaxation, renew, replenish, redo, rethink. I look at it like a scheduled vacation from the Universe, whether I am on board or not determines how I experience the transit. My choice, my experience!

Going with flow of a Mercury retrograde is easy, by spending much of the time in reflection, relaxation, and rethinking! smile emoticon allowing projects to shimmer for awhile is really a benefit during this time, as it helps the ingredients of your project to intermingle and can give you some new ideas and insights to boot!

Also holding off on purchasing big ticket items such as houses, cars and especially electronics till after Feb. 11th is better, unless of course u do not mind repairs and redos. We all know...life happens tho...and astrology help us choose the times when the vibration / frequency is more beneficial for the idea, project or purchase we want to make! I have always found it easy to schedule around these MR times and it has always served me. smile emoticon

Traditionally events of missed phone calls, garbled communications, misunderstandings and delays are all possible during MR times. But, by paying close attention, we can minimize the misunderstands, choose to stay off the phone and computer and enjoy the refreshing free time from electronic devices and understand the delays are just temporary!