Heart Light Crystal Activations Jan - Feb 15th 2015 Only $35!

Heart Light Crystal Chakra Activations: A ONE TIME ONLY Super Special Savings for Jan - Feb. 15th 2015 only $35 for the Activation! Can be done either in person and/or long distance!! Activation takes about 30ish minutes.

I just recently created these amazing activations which help to clear energetically, 17 Chakras Centers, including the hands and feet, activate the Heart Chakra and another revelant chakra depending on what type of session you choose, download Light Keycodes and install etheric crystals of your choosing. Reiki and Light language blessings included. Choose from the following types: * Creating Prosperity (1st chakra) * Expanding Creativity (2nd chakra) * Embracing Empowerment (3rd chakra) * Loving Heart (4th chakra) * Speaking your Truth (5th chakra) * Activating Psychic Sight (6th chakra) * Infinite Wisdom (7th chakra) Check out www.acelestialsolution.com/Heartlight Activations Those of you who have already had a session, if you do not mind commenting on your experience, I would appreciate it. If you are interested please call me at 928-225-6026 and if I do not answer, PLEASE leave a message as I may be in session and can not answer the phone! Or send me a email from the Heartlight Page