Mercury Retrograde from June 7th - July 1st.

Mercury went into retrograde motion on June 7th, 2014. It felt approp that I am just now posting this..a few days late! :) I have found over the years that Mercury retrograde is wonderful for participating in activities that start with RE during this time such as relaxation, realizing, responding, removing, regrouping, redoing, reconciling, rethinking, remembering, reevaluating, reorganizing, and retailing..yes, had to throw in that last one! LOL Tho I do "refine" from shopping in mercury retrogrades as often the products have something just a little "off" about them.

MR times can also point to longer shopping lines, missed messages, lost texts, scrambled words, misunderstandings, lost satellite signals, long traffic lines and loads of delays..not the best time for travel, and if so.. plan on putting on a patience suit and calling in celestial assistance! :) :) It's a time when we can reflect and renew and in so doing, find we may need to redo our life in some way. Best to wait till after Mercury goes direct to implement your new plans tho, unless of course you do not mind redoing several times! Which is grand as well. After all, its all in perfect and divine order.. Heres to recognizing the need to reflect, relax and renew for the next few weeks and choosing to do so..the perfect start to the summer!