Feelings, forgiveness and Empowerment

No one "makes us feel" anything, we are sovereign beings capable of choosing our feelings, which we do, and by saying someone "made you"..well that gives away our power. Now interestingly enough, many will forgot everything else around the event, except how they felt at the time or their feelings, which are often carried, stored in the emotional body and memory banks for years and years. So when our feelings or emotions are stuffed and not every dealt with, they can manifest in the physical body as illness, weight, fatigue, addiction etc..Angry masks fear and once you get past the angry, you can discover the fear and then finally the disappointment, sadness or grief. It's a process, a road to follow, a journey to explore and if you found yourself feeling triggered by some outside event, circumstance or person, then there are emotions that need clearing. Any feeing that is not of "LOVE", such as resentment, angry, aggravation, jealous etc.. acts as trigger for us to see that we have emotions that need clearing. These feeling and emotions are essentially standing in the "dark" and will have an original source/event that spurred them in the first place. This the road we take to track them down so to speak and the emotions act as sign posts and gives us directions to find that original event, most helpful if we have no clue where they are sourced from. Time is collapsing and in so doing, many of our coexisting time lines are bleeding through into our current life..So we do often have to go to another time to find the source of those feelings. I do a Time Traveling session that can help with this. You can find more details under the Time Traveling tab.

We now live in the age of Empowerment. It's time to take back our power and realize that we are beautiful divine beings of the universe, all connected, all one, expressing ourselves in a million different ways. Repeating the same behavior and expecting a different outcome will not yield happy results. It just keeps us locked in a cycle of dis-empowerment. It's time to face the music..face those feelings, express them if needed and let them go. This will help allow ourselves to really live our most authentic life. When we do not embrace our feelings, we are essentially giving away our power and in the dark! Love, compassion, forgiveness and understanding in my mind, is the best way to go, yielding the happiest results! Everyone is doing the best they can with the knowledge and information they have at the moment. Hurtful actions by others, are usually coming from the Ego and their place of pain. It takes great maturity and love to truly forgive and often times it's a process, just like an onion, each layer may be bitter and cause tears, but when you get to the middle, the relief is beyond belief! Taking the first step is often the hardest part! Face your fears, own your power and find your most authentic life! :) Namaste my friends!