The Parent - Child Relationship - The 3D Paradigm

The Parent-Child relationship can give us all a range of experiences that we might not experience in any other way. Tho interestingly enough, many parents do not have the conscious awareness or understanding about the teaching and healing roles that their children play in their lives. Our children are the ones who act as our greatest teachers and healers. I feel that our children are our mirrors, and can reflect back to us, what needs to be cleared and healed, and ideally the parent will pay attention, listen, be open and willing to change, grow, learn and heal! I feel some of this unconsciousness manifests due to the current 3D paradigm of parents roles as the "authority figures." Or in other words, that parents are "expected" to be the authority, the fixer, and the teacher all the time. Their job is to teach, not the other way around! In my mind, nothing is further than the truth. But then again, truth is subjective and really depends on who you are talking with.

Now on the other hand, the same can apply for the child as the parent can act as the trigger, the teacher and healer to help us ( the child) find our most authentic self and expression! In other words, it's a two way street! Some of us have incarnated into extremely challenging family experiences, others not so much and some in between..ideally in any circumstance, both parent and child are willing to have compassion and forgiveness for each other and be willing to learn, grow and heal together as a TEAM! :) This can particularly be the case in Parent/child relationships where they are older in years. For younger children, the parent can act as the wise Sage for the child, as the years of Earthly experience the parent possesses (or may not depending on the person) can be a valuable asset to the young person who is still learning the ropes of Earth life. But I also think that the child can act as the Sage to help the parent recognize some areas where they may need to express their most authentic self and have not been doing so. Again a two way street. Learning and Growing together as a team. Recognizing each others worth, value, connection, beauty and what our roles truly are for each other. Also, respecting each other boundaries is so important, particularly in older parent child relationships, when the child has grown up and essentially moved away from the nest. Then the relationship can truly become a 5D relationship of love, compassion, forgiveness and understanding, rather than a 3D relationship of separation, duality and ego concerns.

I also think these concepts applies to our animal companions. One friend said it beautifully, thank u Dawn, that Pets are our Personal evolutional teachers! Or something like that! LOL Whether they have two legs and skin or four legs and fur, our relationships are some of our greatest teachers. When we learn to have respect for each other and recognize that we are ALL teachers and students for each other or as I prefer to say, informers and learners..we can break these 3D paradigms that may keep us connected to beliefs that no longer serve us and keep us from our most authentic selves.