Be Empowered by your choices!

Life is filled with choices!! We can choose either to empower ourselves or give our power away. For ex...When we think or feel that someone ELSE knows whats best for us..that is one way we can give away our power! Another is the "made me syndrome" such as "you make me so mad "..since we are entirely responsible for how we think and feel, we gave our power away to someone, the second we say "you made me!" It is our God given right to be powerful, sovereign beings. Being powerful does not mean being in control of or in charge of others or telling others what to do or how to live their means standing in and recognizing our own brilliant, divine light..recognizing that we are all ONE, have equal value and are all from creation! Choosing to live our most authentic life and speaking our most authentic truth with love and compassion. Understanding that we are ALL lovable, valuable, special and beautiful! The days of giving away our power are over!!! The time is now to learn how to empower ourselves! Power on!! :)