Astrological Grand Cross Intuitive Mini reading till April 22nd

A very rare Grand Cardinal Cross is occurring this month, going exact on April 23rd, 2014. I have posted several wonderful articles by other astrologers on my Face Book page, to give you a general idea what might be up with this RARE event! I am one who believes that transits do not happen to us, rather we happen to them, meaning it's up to us to choose HOW WE WANT to experience the transit. With that said, The Cardinal signs of Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra Sun between 8 - *18 degrees, with 13 degrees the most intense, may be the folks who really feel this transit! For actual dates:  the Cardinal Sun signs of Aries born between March 28th - April 8th, especially for birthdays on April 3 -5th, Cancers born between June 30th - July 11th, especially for July 5-7th, Libra's born between Oct. 2nd - Oct.12th, especially Oct. 6th - 8th and Capricorns born between Dec. 30th - Jan 9th, especially Jan, 3-5th, this rare Grand Cardinal Cross may be of significance to you!  Actually if u have ANY planet at those degrees, which most of us do, you may feel some of the effects. It's a power house month of transformation in astrological terms!  If you are interested in finding out what this might mean for you specifically, I am doing a special "Astrological Grand Cross Intuitive mini Reading for the next two weeks only, till April 22nd. The aspect is exact April 23rd, but may be felt for weeks after. First come first serve, as I limit how many readings I do every day! I can do these readings over Video Conferencing or the Phone only. No in person sessions. You will need your exact birth data, which includes your time of birth, to be able to get an accurate chart reading. Tho I can get a general astrological read with no birth time. These reading are limited to 15 -20ish minutes for a special rate of $30. (my normal astrological readings are $150 for 60 minutes) If u are interested, please send me message at or call me at 928-225-6026 to set up a time for your appointment. No deposit is required this time, as you are billed when you book your session. This is one of those times, that sooner is better than later, if you are interested. In my 19 years of doing astrological work, I do not recall a rare event like this!