Life Choices

Life is about choices and outcomes! Every single second, we have a choice and experience the outcome of that choice. We can choose to experience either the darkness or the lightness of that moment or perhaps both. Personally, I choose to not view these choices or outcomes, in 3D terms of good or bad..rather they are just choices with outcomes..tho I admit I prefer the pleasurable outcomes so much more! Those of us still here on the planet at this moment, our choosing to be co creators of the New Earth, whether we are aware of this or not. We have chosen to stay and experience unity, oneness, love, compassion etc.. to some degree.. and to awaken on some level. We have chosen to experience LIGHT! The more we all chose to focus on the light, beauty and the love, the more we will root this energy into our mass consciousness, into the Earth, into our experience and this is when life will began to change drastically. Yes this is the time to question everything we have chosen to believe thus far and see if it serves us?? Does it help us be or become our most authentic self? Does it shower us with Love, light and compassion? Does it help us see the beauty in all of of life?