The Grid Of Harmony: Support for the Grand Cardinal Cross

The Grid Of Harmony

The Grid of Harmony!  I created this grid to help with the Grand Cardinal Cross aspects that are exact on April 23rd, 2014.  It's a very simple crystal grid, but sometimes simple is the most powerful!  Ideally, having the crystals in our space brings the most possible benefit, but viewing pictures can bring benefits as well.  It is after all, all energy, our beliefs and intentions.  And while no crystal grid can every guarantee any kind of results, just by viewing the grid, we may experience some of the benefits listed below.  Chrysocolla is front and center and may help with relieving tension and anxiety and help us speak our truth.  Blue quartz can help calm the mind and bring mental clarity, Fire Opal, may help support us through emotional turmoil and promote feelings of hope.   Hematoid Quartz, can help to bring tranquility, clarity and balance in stressful times, and assist us helping create our dreams/ goals, manifesting them into physical reality. Heyde Class © A Celestial Solution