My Take on the Grand Cardinal Cross exact on April 23rd, 2014

So what about this Grand Cardinal Cross? The opportunity is there for possible life altering changes to occur, changes that can help us, find and live our most authentic lives! Some transformation on our parts will need to occur tho, to make this all happen. 3D life has been filled to the brim with ILLUSIONS of all sorts..useful for creation of our stories, (which are created by our thoughts, beliefs and experiences) but not necessarily to manifest what we really want! Now is the time to take a look at our stories, thoughts, and beliefs and see how they are manifesting in our lives! Are we really experiencing the life we want to have? Are we really living our most authentic lives? If not, it's time to look at how our thoughts and beliefs may be aiding and abetting us in standing in our own way!! Now is the time for our EGOs to step down and allow our HIGHER selves to finally run the show! Cosmic 2 by 4s ( i.e. being "hit" unexpectedly with a huge bill is one example) can show up in many disguises, so it is helpful to embrace this energy of change!

On one side of the cross, we have the heavy weight planet Uranus, the awakener, shaking the proverbial apple tree of knowledge! Running in the pioneering, active sign of Aries, new brilliant, ideas may be falling out of the blue sky at a rapid speed! On the opposite arm, we harmony, loving Libra sitting in the action planet of Mars. Libra almost always wants to play nice, while Aries its opposite energy, often has other ideas, pushing hard to make a point! So as these two planets shift back and forth, trying to find harmony, we may found ourselves maneuvering in all possible directions, trying to put our new ideas into action!

Then on the other side of the cross, we have Jupiter the expander in sensitive, moody Cancer, trying to find some balance with Pluto, the transformer which is stationed in studious, restrictive Capricorn. Talk about push and pull! WOW! It's called break it down, so we can create it afresh. This aspect gives new meaning to the term, expand and contract! It all helps to create some kind of new structure, once the old one has been broken done and reshaped into something more authentic!

Let add the cherry to this ice cream here...all these Cardinal signs which are trying to find harmony and balance, are also bumping heads with each other, creating all manner of possible mayhem..depending on how we choose to look at it!

I see this energy as inspiration and action which creates new form! Many times we may have the inspiration to leap, but we may not take any action! This energy is creating Inspiration and action, on a grand scale, coupled with an ever expanding need to change and transform to find our most authentic life. To me this is the GCC in a nut shell.. Yes it may be a little ( or possibly a lot, depending on our viewpoint) uncomfy getting there, but in so doing, we will not longer be stuck in the past! Some possible awakening has occurred, thrusting us from a slumber sleep set in illusions, forcing us out into the light, where we can find our truest joy. So hold on to your hats folks, as the change train has arrived!