Happy Spring Equinox a day or so late!

Happy Spring Equinox! Atleast according to the calendar anyways! With the pole shifts, the actual day may have changed. But no matter, this day has been celebrated as the Equinox for many, many moons, so the day is super charged with power and intention! This is a wonderful day to take time and "plant your intentions" for the year. My friend and I did our meditation last night and It was so enriching and empowering as we took the time to gather our energetic seeds to place in Mother Earth to grow. We giggled and laughed as we continued to find more " seeds" to plant such as love, compassion, joy and understanding. We found ourselves with a huge pile! My friends seeds began to grow immediately, while I found the need to water mine before I saw growth. As we sat and visualized the seeds taking root, springing forth into fields of flowers and a huge apple tree in my case, we marveled at the beauty of spring and the power of creation!