How far do u want to go down the rabbit hole?

Our egos, we all have one and many people feel they what to discard the ego altogether, dismantle this part of ourselves, or forgot about it, make it small or some other avenue of removal. So my question is why? Because someone said we should or needed to? Or perhaps, we just do not want to deal with that part of ourselves? Why would we want to remove a beautiful but often very dis empowered and dysfunctional part of ourselves? The ego can have its place and purpose, and one being to show us where we have chosen to become dis empowered, so we can change that if we so choose!

From another perspective..: There is the Universal Law of Polarity: there is two sides to every coin or two sides of every story.. So goes with the EGO! So take your pick.. we can have a functional, cooperative, empowered ego that is our Allie and working with all of selves.. or we can choose a dysfunctional, uncooperative, dis empowered ego that is naughty and running round, all over the place..its our choice after all..neither way is right or wrong, good or bad, positive or negative, all just an experience and the willingness to explore the other words.. how far down the rabbit hole do we want to go??? And when we get there, how do we get back?

While the ego is mostly compromised of the traumatized, fractured part of ourselves, other peoples soul fragments and entities, the Ego can truly became our Allie, once we get this part of ourselves "onboard: with the rest of ourselves! Our egos can be: Eagerly Gathering Observations for us or can be: Engaging glorifying obsessions instead. All just a choice, just an experience. The ideal however is allow our higher self to run the show, instead of the EGO.

When we choose to come from a place of empowerment, all the world is our oyster. No longer are we a victim to others behavior, or the worlds BS! We recognize we are all divine sovereign beings just having experiences in a DNA skin suit here on the Earth Plane. seriously folks, thats it..everyone is just having experiences and its only our judgement of these experiences that brings us suffering and pain. Embracing our Egos by shining light into the deepest darkest places within us and then allowing out Higher self to run the show instead, will bring enlightenment and joy if we allow it! :)

So how far down the rabbit hole are u willing to go???