Learning Reiki!

I highly recommend learning Reiki! And not just because I am a Reiki instructor! Reiki is a beautiful, holistic, multi dimensional healing art form. It's infinitely boundless and unlimited in application and outcomes and can be practiced according to "you." It can be utilized for physical well- being and health, but also can be used to help heal mental, emotional and spiritual concerns. It can be sent to events, situations, appointments, and even objects. Yes I have given Reiki to an oven that was about to break down! Lol. It lived another 2 months!

All beings of life, human, animal, plants, trees, flowers, bees, even the planet, can benefit from Reiki! It activates, amplifies and adds to the power of healing, thats already in your hands, as we all have healing abilities, whether we are attuned to Reiki or not. Reiki is universal love at its most gentle.:)

My journey with Reiki started in 2005 and I would say, this was absolutely one of the BEST decisions I have every made! Now, almost 10 years later, I have a rainbow of Reiki energies, 7 different types, all at Master level training but one. I downloaded a new Reiki system which I call, Transformational in Jan. 2014, which I am just now really starting to explore the possibilities there, and it appears to be true to it's name and a few others have experienced this as well!

I do teach in person classes for Reiki and scheduling is easy, as I currently teach Reiki for one or two people. I am getting the call to teach for bigger groups tho. I also getting the hit to teach Reiki via phone/ video conferencing/ online/ correspondence way, as we are not limited to solely passing this awesome healing art form strictly in person! If u are interested in learning Reiki, please send me an email! You can find the forms on almost every page of my services on the site!