Animals are Sovereign Beings!

I often hear people saying that they are "animal owners." I have an entirely different view point on this! To imply we "own" something, also implies that it's an object, and is disposable, neither of which is true or applies to any animal! We see this theme played out regularly in this society with the scads of animal shelters all over the country, housing often discarded, lost and/or unwanted cats and dogs. :( Basically, they are orphanages for domesticated pets/animals. Or in our food system with the inhumane Factory Farms, that treat animals like they are machines! :( :( Many of our societies on this planet, treats animals like slaves and frankly I feel that is just unaccpetable!

In the US anyways, dogs and cats are regularly dumped out onto country roads, sent to the shelter because they are to old, blind, pee on the floor, might scratch, etc.. and/or the family is moving, do not have time, or do not want to deal with them anymore..and the list goes on and on. Animals in factory farms are regularly, horrifically abused and treated like objects with commercial value only! Worse yet, they are then violently murdered, so people can consume them.

Want I want to say to all of this is: SERIOUSLY??? What is ok in any of that??? That's my intense passion for humane treatment of animals shining through!!! : : But I do ask you to ask yourself. Would you dump or discard a human child because they wet the bed? Would u dump your ailing parents on the side of the road, because they were now blind and feeble? I think not! Are you okay with eating animals flesh that has been tortured and abused? And if not, are you buying animal products that are organic or certified humane? And if not, why not? Animals are not objects, 2nd class citizens, slaves or worse yet, something to eat!

ALL Animals are sovereign beings of creation, with rights, feelings and emotions, likes, dislikes etc..and are experiencing life just like us, but in a different way and body. We don't "own" a pet ( or even a farm animal), they are our companions and friends, here on Earth.  And because our society treatments animals as commodities "selling and or buying" animals, here in lies the problem, they end up only having value in terms of money. And that is simply just not the case! They have just as much value as we do. Humans are not the superior race as they like to think, just look at how Humanity in general, treats Animals and Mother Earth and we can clearly see, that is NOT the case. :( I am not saying everyone is like this, but enough of humanity is still viewing animals as commodities for it to be the case! And all it takes to change this is a shift in perception. As more and more people choose to view animals as they really are, as sovereign beings of creation, then this inhumane treatment will stop!

Whether you buy a domesticated pets or not, that does not mean we are their owners, rather we are their care giver/human parents. We are responsible for them, their care and well being, to watch out for and look after them, and allow them to experience life on their own terms!  We provide them with the resources they need to be able to live here on Earth. Can u imagine the trust that must require on the part of the animal companion?? I realize that farms animals play a very different role in our society, but in my world, eating any animal is just simply out of the question. Why would you eat your friends and fellow beings? Yes I do feel animal like to assist us, they often are our "personal evolution tutors" and in the case of Farm animals, I have spoke with enough of them now, to feel that they do not mind that their vessels are consumed after they have CHOSEN to cross over, but NO animals wants to be tortured, abused, dumped or OWNED!

I love the doggies companions who share my life and home with every fiber of my being, they mean the world to me!  I will care from them till they cross over, I would take a bullet for them, I  would sleep on the floor, in my car or in a cardboard box if it came down to it to ensure I was with them and care for them! But in no way, am I their owner!